Your personal driving habits might determine your choice ' B'Before you even think about buying, be aware of your options ' R'Research thoroughly the manufacturer and dealer to get the best price ' I'Investigate other dealers, and also check online, it may be cheaper to buy in another state and have the hybrid car shipped to you ' D'Don't ever go by sticker price. Not only do you have to decide which company to buy from but you also have to decide between getting a hybrid car or a hybrid truck or even a hybrid SUV. Many forms of hybrid cars, hybrid trucks, and hybrid SUV's are currently on DC Motors Suppliers in China the market or coming to market. Having a larger choice is both a good and bad thing.. Because of the large influx of hybrid cars, the cost premium of buying one has started to go down. A hybrid is not an electric vehicle, and does not have to be recharged at night or anything like that. Hybrid cars combine two or more sources of power, usually consisting of an electric motor that regenerates energy through braking power and a standard gasoline engine, Because of the regenerated electric power, you are able to use much less gasoline to get where you want to go, which is how a hybrid vehicle saves you money. Buying a hybrid car is a big decision, even more so nowadays because there are many more hybrid cars and hybrid trucks to choose from. President Bush even said that to cure our addiction to oil, we must invest in hybrid cars and other energy technology, so now is the time to consider buying one, especially with the world's oil fields being so unstable and gasoline rising almost daily. A MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) is just that, a Suggestion, so if you have done all the previous steps you will be armed sometimes with even more information than the salesman, thus allowing you to have the upper hand in the negotiation. A hybrid is simply a gas powered car with electrical motor assistance. These include but are not limited to the Toyota Prius, the Lexus GS 450h Hybrid, the Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda Accord Hybrid, the Toyota Highlander and 2007 Toyota Camry hybrid, and the Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. ' H ' How to know if buying a hybrid is right for you. Which leads us to the key question, how do you best go about buying a hybrid car? Of course the start of that answer lies in 6 simple steps, which I have titled HYBRID. The decision can be simplified by knowing why you're buying the hybrid; the issue of saving gas mileage versus just getting a hybrid vehicle in order to say you are driving a hybrid.